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To turkey or not to turkey, that is the question

Since the first Christmas celebration in New Zealand by the early European settlers in 1642, there has been the age-old question of what to serve for Christmas dinner.

With only seven weeks to go until Christmas Day, it is time to start planning how you are going to do Christmas and what delicious festive food you will be serving on the big day.

One of the first decisions is who are you going to invite for dinner?
Is it going to be a small intimate affair or a monumental gathering?
And, is there enough space in your home or venue to seat everyone?
If children are part of your big day, will everyone sit around the same table, or have a separate table for the littlies?

If you are new to the area, you may be hosting a kiwi Christmas for the first time.
Be aware that although it is officially summer, the weather can still be frustratingly changeable. If you are planning an outdoor celebration, make sure your table is sheltered to protect you and yours from a potential torrential downpour but sunburn, too.

Then there is the decision of food. Are you going to stay traditional or go contemporary and try something new?

There are Christmas cooks who would never deviate from their roast turkeys, but if you fancy a change this year there are many other options for the Christmas spread.

Other festive favourites that Seaside Gourmet Meats supply are glazed hams, roast beef and lamb, drool-inducing prime ribs or even a delicious duck.

A traditional Maori hangi is a fabulous way to cook a wonderful meal to share with family and friends.

Another option is to prepare your entire Christmas feast on the barbeque. In 2016, cooking a turkey in a Weber barbecue was totally de rigueur.

If you are feeding a crowd an array of sausages, burgers and mouth-watering kebabs will satisfy every taste.

If you fancy a something a little more unusual, how about trying roast venison? When slow roasted, it develops a beautifully earthy sweetness.

So, whether it be a traditional set table dinner or a leisurely chilled out picnic in the park - Tom, Leah and the team at Seaside Gourmet Meats are happy to advise you further on your meaty choice.

And pre-orders can be made to avoid any disappointments on the big day.
To turkey or not to turkey, that is the question