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What makes meat better?

Sometimes no matter how a piece of meat is cooked it just doesn’t seem to deliver the texture, flavour or satisfaction that it should.

When this happens the cook should consider the quality of the ingredients, before they beat themselves up for their cooking skills.
Top chefs like Jamie Oliver and Al Brown will always recommend people use the best possible ingredients their budget can afford.
In an era when consumers have so many choices and virtually unlimited access to treats, many people prefer to eat less but better quality.
More than 21 years ago the butchers at Seaside Meats made a commitment to only provide top quality food for the local families and businesses that shop with the Cockle Bay business.
Finding good farmers who can consistently deliver the right product at a superb level of quality was the first priority. The big retailers can get bulk discounts from big wholesalers but to maintain that low price throughout highs and lows of seasons – sometimes the quality may be compromised.
Ageing beef is important because it allows enzymes to breakdown the meat a little, which improves the texture and flavour.
Also, storing all meat products appropriately is important to maintain good quality and food hygiene.
Every butcher should have a food grading certificate on display and if it doesn’t – it is probably a sign that something is amiss with their processes or facilities.
The team at Seaside Meats takes care to butcher meat carefully to maintain its quality and they avoid additives that can aggravate food intolerances and allergies.
Ensuring steaks are cut to a consistent thickness, not only improves presentation, it also ensures the chef can perfect their timing when cooking either on the barbecue or in the frying pan.
And, spring lamb cutlets and loin chops not only taste great – they are more appetizing when they are butchered to look like they should be served in a restaurant.
Quality meat comes from good New Zealand farms, good storage and ageing and skilled butchering. All of these factors are core to Seaside Meats core butchering principles.
What makes meat better?