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Sarah's Nutrition Tips - April 2014

Eggstatic for Easter Eggs

Easter is now upon us. This means holidays, fun, spending time with family… and most importantly EATING EASTER EGGS!

But Easter eggs were not always as they are today, Traditionally Easter was celebrated with dyed chicken eggs!
While Easter eggs of the chocolate variety may not be the most helpful food source when it comes to maintaining health – eggs of the chicken variety most certainly are!
If your mission is to lose weight, tone up, maintain health, or get healthy then eggs are definitely a go to food in your diet. 
For years we were told to limit our consumption of eggs, that eggs are unhealthy and contained high amounts of saturated fat, and cholesterol. The good news is that this is no longer the truth. 
The benefits of consuming eggs far outweigh the negatives. Eggs have been cited to have a myriad of health benefits. 
Not only are eggs an excellent source of protein; they are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals! Eggs contain vitamins A, B2, B12 and E. They also contain large concentrations of iron and calcium within the yolk, zinc and phosphorous. 
Eggs help keep you fuller for longer as they contain both protein and dietary fat and they are low in calories
Eggs have even been linked to helping prevent certain types of cancer. 
Eggs are INCREDIBLY versatile and can be incorporated into any meal, at any time of the day.
How about celebrating Easter in a healthy way, leave out the chocolate eggs and opt for good old-fashioned eggs for breakfast! 
Pop down to see the friendly folk at Seaside Gourmet Meats and they will help you select beautiful fresh free range eggs for Easter. 
If you ask them nicely, they may even dye them for you.
For more information contact Sarah at Velca
Sarah's Nutrition Tips - April 2014