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Dinner for two

And, you can find your waistline expanding when you devour more than you really need – just because it’s there and tastes so good.

Whether you have just moved in with your significant other, are newly married or perhaps empty- nesters, you don’t need to rely on take-aways for quick and convenient solutions.

With a little imagination and planning, small-scale cooking is not only feasible but also practical.

Seaside Meats found some useful tips to keep cooking for two inspired and easy.


Schmooze with the butcher

Shopping the meat section of the supermarket can be difficult when your idea of a family pack isn’t exactly jumbo size trays lined to the brim with chicken thighs.

Make your local butcher your best friend, especially as a good butcher is not going to blink twice if you ask for a smaller portion of your favourite meat.

Seaside Meats is happy to pack any of their meats into smaller portions for you.


Bulk bin for little bits

Pantry items have a habit of sneaking their way to the back of the cupboard to collect dust when you cook in smaller portions.

Luckily, a lot of health food-type stores offer priced-by-weight ingredients from bulk bins, which make it possible to buy only what you need.

They’re useful for things like grains, flours, nuts, and dried fruits, especially the ones you’re not likely to use all that often.


Get in the kitchen often

Since you inevitably will end up with extra ingredients, the only way to stop them from going bad is to use them.

By cooking regularly and planning meals around what you already have, you can avoid the panic and guilt of letting things sit in your fridge for too long.

Stir-fries are a great way to use up all those last bits of broccoli or the few beans that could be destined for the compost if you don’t invent some way to use them.


Love the leftovers

Sometimes, it just makes more sense to cook a recipe in its full size of four to six servings and take the extras to work the next day- or save it for another meal.

Certain recipes are especially suited for day-after eating, like roasts, stew, pastas and grain salads.


Fill the freezer

Think of the freezer as your safe haven for days when you don’t feel like cooking or are short on time.

Cooking larger quantities like mince, soups or curries could potentially save you a couple of bucks too.

This is a good solution especially if you are an empty-nester and are still getting used to the idea of cooking for two.

As a general rule, soups, sauces, meats, breads, and hardier produce tend to freeze just fine.


There are of course certain dishes that are simply a challenge in smaller sizes and some are best left to the occasions when friends or children visit for dinner.

If you are unsure of certain meat portions, ask Herb at Seaside Meats and he will be happy to give you the correct quantities and even tips on how best to cook it and freeze it 

Dinner for two