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What's bring a plate mean?

We have all been invited to a social gathering and the host ask us to bring a plate. 

The Kiwi colloquialism “bring a plate” actually means bring some food along to share with everyone and our smaller-sized, gourmet sausages are a brilliant solution.

It doesn’t have to be on a plate, it can be any dish and in general, it’s food that is ready to eat straight away.
More often than not, most guests bring finger-food that can be eaten without cutlery and invariably everyone will bring one course so you could end up with nothing but muffins.
At Seaside Meats we have made our gourmet sausages smaller and they are the perfect size to add to a plate with a sauce from our Barkers of Geraldine range.
The small gourmet sausages are sure to be a hit at any event.
What's bring a plate mean?