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Labour weekend vacuum packing meat

Spring is here and with the long weekend ahead many of us will be packing the car and heading out of town – to get away from it all.

Meat that is vacuum-packed has a much longer shelf life about three to five times longer compared to conventional storage methods.

The Seaside Gourmet Meats boys can vacuum pack your meat so it maintains its texture and appearance longer, and it is super convenient when you are camping, boating or transporting meat in a chilly bin.

It is also used as a controlled aging method which improves tenderness.

Fresh meat that is loosely wrapped in conventional plastic, and stored at around 2˚C, has a relatively short shelf life of about one day to about five days, depending on the cut.

Here are some things you should know when you buy meat

  • Vacuum sealing conserves space for food storage.
  • Large cuts are packaged in moisture-proof, airtight material and stored chilled.
  • Vacuum pack protects the meat from oxidation and evaporation during storage.

Things to watch for when buying vacuum packed meat

  •  Watch for wet boxes, which can be a sign of leaking vacuum bags.
  • Vacuum bags that are punctured on delivery should be returned to the supplier.

If you would like your cuts of meat vacuum packed just ask at Seaside Gourmet Meats. They are more than happy to do this for you. 


Labour weekend  vacuum packing meat