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It's turkey time

Christmas is only a few weeks away and now is the time to order a free range Crozier’s Turkey from Seaside Meats.
Why buy a free range turkey rather than mass-produced or barn-raised bird?

Unsurpassed taste

The flavour of poultry is linked to its lifestyle and birds raised outside are exposed to fresh air and sunshine. This is important for their health and improves flavour. They have room to strut their stuff and they are much more chilled out than their mates who are cooped up inside barns or sheds. 

Gobbling food

Turkeys who live in the great outdoors forage for food, such as grubs, bugs and grass seeds. Combined with natural grains, this makes for a more delicious bird than those force-fed a selected grain-only diet.

Keeping it natural

For Crozier’s Turkeys the Seaside Meats lads recommend the top chef doesn’t use any technique to enhance the cooking performance. These turkeys perform exceptionally well when cooked without lots of fuss.
Free range turkeys should have a natural yellowing of the skin, due largely to their free-range lifestyle hanging out in the sun and also their diet. These birds are not dipped into a chlorine wash, commonly used in the poultry industry.

Be gentle

The finished product is top-notch due not only to farming methods but also to gentle handling. Crozier's Turkeys are hand-reared and also hand-processed.
The turkeys are dipped in ozonated water, rather than chlorine, to ensure that if there are any nasties present, they are wiped-out on contact.

Chilled out quick

Snap freezing ensures the moisture in the meat cells freezes as very small particles, which is important when the meat is thawed as very little moisture is lost. 
For a stress-free and yummy Christmas lunch come by to get your free range turkey today from Seaside Meats. 
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It's turkey time