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Tips and tricks for roasting a whole beef eye fillet

Tying eye fillet for roasting

Tying eye fillet helps it to cook more evenly. First make a knot at the thick end of the eye with string, then loop the string under the fillet and pull tight all the way along the fillet. The trick is getting the part where the string folds all in a row.

Roasting whole

Ideally, eye fillet should be seared on the outside in a large frying pan or you can use the barbecue. After this is done, it can be left to roast at 180°C for 30-40 minutes in an oven or on low for the same time under the lid on the barbecue.

Rare to well done

To test cook the eye fillet to perfection allow the following cooking times for every 500 grams of meat. Rare: 15-20 minutes. Medium: 20-25 minutes. Well done: 25-30 minutes


To really taste get the flavour from the meat, beef should always rest before carving – around 15 minutes and left covered in foil. This allows the juices to settle keeping as much moisture in the flesh as possible. You will know your beef hasn't rested enough if juices start to seep onto the chopping board during carving.


Carving eye fillet couldn't be easier as the grain of the meat runs down its length. Remove any string from the fillet then cut slices of the desired thickness directly across the width of the fillet.

Tips and tricks for roasting a whole beef eye fillet