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Melissa's Nutrition Tips - September 2014

So Father’s Day is upon us yet again and what better way to celebrate the special men in our lives than to eat!

A great way to bring the family together, apart from watching dad open that special pair of socks or the macaroni necklace you made him, is enjoying a hearty and wholesome meal.

Of course, the meal should consist of a good quality protein, a colourful array of vegetables and some healthy fats. The protein will actually keep dad fuller for longer therefore stop him from going back for seconds and reduce the likelihood of an awkward unbutton-your-pants kind of episode later.

Protein is actually made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body and are not only essential for building muscle mass but also the proper functioning of the liver, brain, immune system, hormones, skin, hair, nails, tendons, ligaments. It is also used as an energy source when carbohydrates and fats aren’t available.

Today’s westernised diet consists of high carbohydrates, high trans-fats and not enough protein. As a result we are progressing into a diabetic prone society. Protein has been found to balance blood sugar levels and therefore reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, hence the importance to include it within our daily diet.

The cavemen dads had it right when they hunted their meat and gathered wild plants and berries. Although it may not entice you to go out half naked, grunting with axe in hand, hunting and gathering like our Paleolithic ancestors, you may be able to take some advice from their way of eating.

Lean meats, eggs and a plethora of plant based foods will ensure you are meeting your daily requirements.

Women should aim for at least 0.8g/kg of protein per day and men around 1-1.2g/kg of protein per day and more with increased exercise, ageing and illness.

An example daily diet for a 70kg male would be:

  • Two-egg omelette with shaved leg ham and vegetables
  • Handful of almonds and fruit
  • Grilled chicken breast with fresh greens salad and avocado
  • Two homemade egg and vegetable cups
  • 100g lean steak and steamed veggies

I hope you all have a safe and happy Father’s Day.

Melissa Hartshorn
BHSc Nut. Med
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Melissa's Nutrition Tips - September 2014