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Cooking during hot weather

When the weather’s piping hot and the kitchen feels like an oven, it can be tempting to go out for takeaways instead of cooking at home.This isn’t good for your wallet, or your health.

If you want to save time, money and energy, here are a few quick ideas for easy summer dining:

• Cold, no-cook meals are a great option. Try fresh salads with lots of garden vegetables, cold meat and cheese, or picnic-style dinners with dishes like cold pasta salad. Or, for something a bit different, you could give cold soups, such as gazpacho, a go.

• Slow cookers aren’t just for cold weather – they’re a good way to serve up tasty offerings like barbecue pulled pork or shredded meat for tacos. Throw a few ingredients together and you’re away!

• Outdoor cooking is often the way to go when temperatures are rising. Make the most of the breeze by cooking on the barbecue – steak, chicken, pork, vegetables… There are many delicious options.

• Stir-fry meals are healthy and quick to make. Just cut up your vegetables, add meat and a stir-fry sauce, and before you know it, dinner will be ready.

Cooking during hot weather