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Paleo diet 101

Youíve probably heard the buzz about paleo diets but did you know the paleo diet is also referred to as the Caveman diet? Based on the idea that for ideal healthiness, we should go back to eating real, unprocessed foods, the paleo diet consists of the foods our ancient ancestors wouldíve eaten.

As well as generous portions of fresh vegetables, a paleo diet involves a good amount of animal protein. Red meat, poultry, pork, eggs, liver, kidney, heart and bones in the form of stocks and broths, are all recommended.

People following a paleo diet report benefits such as increased energy levels, improved sleep, sustained weight loss, reduced allergies and show signs of having a lowered risk of heart disease and diabetes.

But with its attention to lean proteins and fresh produce, you donít have to be full on paleo to reap the diet's rewards. There's no shortage of delicious meals you can make with lean meat, from kebabs to salads to delicious steaks. Itís time to get cooking caveman style!

Paleo diet 101